chapter  32
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A comparison of whole match and individual set data in order to identify valid performance indicators for real-time feedback in men’s single tennis matches


Within performance analysis of sport, discriminations between winning and losing teams have been used to identify the key performance indicators in particular sports such as football (Choi et al., 2006a), badminton (Blomqvist et al., 1998; Hong and Tong, 2000) and basketball (Tina, 1998; Evangelos et al., 2005; Tavares and Gomes, 2003). The selection of the most valid performance indicators is also important when performance analysis is used within coaching contexts. Performance indicators in the field of performance analysis of sport (Hughes and Bartlett, 2002) are valid elements that explain the performances of successful performers within matches. Outcome indicators (Hughes and Bartlett, 2002) are rationally useful for coaches to evaluate performances and to plan and conduct further training for athletes.