chapter  6
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Electronic Tools for Dismantling the Master’s House: Poststructuralist Feminist Research and Hypertext Poetics

ByWendy Morgan

The previous pages of this volume bear ample witness to the diverse ways in which feminists working in the social sciences have taken up poststructuralist theories as tools to “dismantle the master’s house” (Lorde, 1984). In research, this has led us to question how we do our “head work,” “field work,” and “text work.” My interest here is in that third form of work-although, of course, it does not follow only after the other two: language, in the form of discourses, is always involved in our thinking and practice. One of the most radical examples of such text work is the book Troubling the Angels: Women Living with HIV/AIDS (Lather & Smithies, 1995, 1997),1 which will be discussed in this chapter.