chapter  3
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Multiple Motives, Multiple Experiences: The Diversity of Cultural Participation

Since the 1960s cultural policymakers, funders, and researchers havegiven increased attention to diversity (Arthurs 2000; Campbell 2000; DiMaggio 2000; DiMaggio and Ostrower 1992; Kreidler 2000; Lewis 2000; Lowell2004; Rosenstein2005; Wyszomirski1999). Over thisperiod their understanding of diversity has shifted and broadened. This chapter argues that a further broadening is needed-one that encompasses the diversity of motivations and experiences associated with cultural participation. Such a broadening is particularly important and timely, given that cultural policymakers and funders, who have traditionally focused on cultural producers, are increasingly shifting attention to cultural demand (McCarthy and Jinnett 2001; Wyszomirski 1999).