chapter  109
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Death and her Godson—La morti e sò figghiozzu

Now Master Joseph was free of the robbers at last. And the fake gentleman, who tried to outsmart him, was completely outsmarted. Told by the fisherman Guido Guardalobene to Giuseppe Patiri in Termini-Imerese. (Pitrè notes that Patiri was the author of a historical novel, Pieruccio Gioeni, published in Palermo in 1872.)

This tale’s been told time and again about a husband and wife who hada son, and they had to baptize him. But they didn’t know who wouldbe the right person to do it. So time passed, a year, two years, until the boy was six. One day, the Lord sent St. Peter to them to baptize the boy. However, the father wouldn’t accept him as godfather because he said St. Peter would take the boy to Paradise right after he baptized him. So St. Peter had to leave, and now St. Joseph came. The father liked him, but only as a friend, not as a godfather. So he chased him away because his son might have to die. Then St. John was sent, and the same thing happened.