chapter  131
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When he arrived at the ogre’s house, he knocked at the door, and his sister opened the door and saw the baby boy.

“Who are you looking for?” she asked. “I’m looking for you because I’m your brother, and I’m going to take you

back to mama.” When the ogre learned that Don Firriulieddu had come, he went upstairs

and hid. Meanwhile, Don Firriulieddu asked his sister, “Where is the ogre?” “He’s hiding upstairs.” Then he gave a command to his dog: “Run up the stairs and bark, and I’ll be

right behind you.” The dog rushed up the stairs and began barking. Don Firriulieddu followed

and killed the ogre. He took his sister and a good sum of money and returned to their mother. From that time on they were all content. Told by the waiter Giuseppe Tripi and collected by Gaetano Di Giovanni in Casteltermini.