chapter  152
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The Simpleton from Calabria—Lu Calavrisi

So, off went the thief to find his companion, and when he found him, he told him what had happened, and they went to a market to sell the ass.

Now, let’s leave them where they are and turn to the Capaciano. Well, the poor peasant wasn’t able to earn a living without the ass. So he took jobs here and there, and as soon as he had finally scraped up enough money, he went down to Palermo and headed to the fair of St. Gristina at Alivuzza to buy a new ass. It so happened that the thieves had sold his ass to a merchant who had a stand at the fair. As the Capaciano was browsing at the fair, the ass started to smell the scent of his master, perked its ears, and began kicking with its feet. The peasant recognized the ass and cried out, “Ah, you poor thing! You’ve become an ass again! What other huge, huge sin did you commit? Do you think that I’ll buy you once again? No, not on your life, you poor thing!” Told by Francesca Deodata in Palermo.