chapter  155
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The Neapolitan and the Sicilian—Lu Napulitanu e lu Sicilianu

There was once a Neapolitan who set out into the world and mademany trips until he finally landed in Palermo. When he went tolodge at an inn, he asked who else was staying there and was told that there was a Sicilian trader. After the Neapolitan learned his name, he asked to be transferred to the same room because he had a great desire to pay his respects to the Sicilian. Upon entering the room, the two men greeted each other ceremoniously, but once they began talking, they began to bicker about who was the most cunning and stealthy among the two. The Neapolitan told him about some of his great swindles, but the Sicilian insisted that all the Neapolitan’s deals were nothing in comparison to his cunning tricks.