chapter  202
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The Captain and the General—Lu capitanu e lu ginirali

The king ordered a schooner to set sail and to follow them, and they caught sight of the ship. The two Turks who were below the deck on the ship intended to sink it, but the fisherman Vitu went down below. “You treacherous dogs! You lousy Turks!” And he gave it to them. Then he took charge of the ship and saw that the Turkish schooner was getting near. Keep sailing, keep sailing! But the schooner stayed hard on its heels. Poor Vitu, there was nothing he could do but try to get the ship to safety, as the schooner came closer and closer. Finally, they managed to reach Mazzara where they landed and went to the health officials and were put in quarantine. The two Turks were with them as their prisoners, and they said they were willing to exchange them for a man who the Turks on the schooner held prisoner. It was the brother of the fisherman Vitu. And it was Vitu who arranged the trade with the Turks at Mazzara, where he claimed his brother.