chapter  25
The Silversmith—L’arginteri
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So this is what he did. He sold his property and went to the lady, and she, with her usual tricks, greeted him ceremoniously and pretended that it was a pleasure to see him again. Meanwhile he watched her like a hawk. While he was watching, he saw her take off the ring and place it beneath the table. Then they began to play, and Giuseppe began to lose because he wanted everything to seem as it usually was. When he sensed that the right moment had come, however, he cried out: “Oww! I feel such pain!” Then he fell to the ground, grabbed the ring, and put it on his finger. What a change this meant! Many games were played, and he kept winning until he took everything from her. When she saw that she had lost, she said, “Don Giuseppe, you will be my husband. Nobody has been able to defeat me except you.”