chapter  62
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The Two Sisters—Li dui soru

I’ve heard tell that there were once two sisters. One fell upon bad times;the other became a duchess, who had an ugly daughter. The poor sisterhad three daughters who worked with their hands to earn a living. One day they could no longer pay the rent for their home, and they were forced to go and live on the street. By chance, a servant of the duchess saw them and told his mistress, who, thanks to the insistence of this good man, granted them a small room in the carriage house. In the evening the girls usually sat outside at night to work by the light of a street lamp in order to save oil for their own lantern. But their aunt, the duchess, was a tyrant and did not want to provide them with any comfort. So, at one point she extinguished the street light so that the girls had to spin in the moonlight.