chapter  64
The Devils and the Shoemaker—Lu scarparu e li diavuli
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So he went into the man’s house, and after finishing the job, he realized that it had become dark, and he said to the townsman,

“I’d like to find a house here that I can live in.” “There is a fine one available,” answered the man, “and it’s empty-but it

has devils living in it.” “I’m not afraid of devils,” answered the shoemaker. “Well then, spend the night here, and tomorrow I’ll take you to the house.” That evening the master shoemaker was given a fine bowl of minestrone,

and the next morning he was paid seventeen coins for his work. Then, together they went off to rent the house for the shoemaker. The woman who owned the house said, “You can have it free of charge, but keep your eyes open because there are devils in it.”