chapter  87
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Don Giovanni Misiranti—Don Giuvanni Misiranti

Finally, he sent his intended bride away because she no longer suited him, and he married Misfortune instead. In addition, Signora Francesca was made a lady of the court.

Now let us leave the happy young king and return to Misfortune’s mother. After the departure of her daughter, the wheel of fortune turned in her favor so that one day her brother and her nephews arrived with strong reinforcements to reconquer the kingdom. The queen and her daughters went back to live in the old palace with all its beautiful comforts, but they always were tormented because they could never discover what had happened to Misfortune. As soon as they were able to do so, they sent messengers out to search for her until they finally came into contact with one another. All this happened because the prince heard that Misfortune’s mother had regained the kingdom, and he sent his own messengers to bring her news of Misfortune.