chapter  90
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The Prince and the Charcoal Burner—Lu principi e lu carbunaru

One day, gentlemen, so it’s been told, there was a charcoal burner whospent all his days going back and forth into the woods carrying coalwith straps. In the meantime, there was a prince from Naples who went on a hunting expedition and entered these woods, and as he walked and walked he became separated from his companions. Later, as he was chasing some game, he fell into a very deep hole. When he landed, he became frightened because he saw a serpent and a large lion right near him, and it appeared that they wanted to eat him. But this was not the case because the lion and the serpent approached him and began licking him. The prince happened to have some tender meat in his game bag and gave them something to eat because they were dying of hunger. And so they ate the meat and caressed the prince.