chapter  8
Russia’s long struggle with Western terms of management and the concepts behind them
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With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, domestic competence in

practically all economic areas and even in many areas of social intercourse

vanished virtually overnight. The end of communism marked a new lin-

guistic beginning in that a) the language that described Soviet economic

practices and procedures became instantly redundant and b) there followed

massive borrowing from the West of business and management terminology. These terms were needed to support the influx into Russia of the new

management knowledge and practices through the agency of (mainly) Wes-

tern providers, who variously descended on Russia as advisors, educators,

management consultants and business people. However, despite the efforts

of these Western experts and the eagerness on the part of many Russians to

embrace this new vocabulary and the skills it represented, the introduction

of new terms has not been a smooth process.