chapter  2
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The Growth of Transnational Higher Education: The UK Perspective


Transnational education (TNE), as defi ned by the British Council, refers to education provision from one country offered in another. Transnational education includes a wide variety of delivery modes including distance and e-learning, validation and franchising arrangements, twinning, and other collaborative provision. Within the university sector in the UK, the term ‘transnational education’ is not widely used. Most universities use the umbrella term ‘collaborative international provision’ or more commonly describe TNE by its component parts, e.g. ‘franchised provision’and ‘distance learning’. Similarly, research conducted by the British Council has revealed that key target audiences involved in the local delivery of TNE, as well as students and other stakeholders, are also not familiar with the term TNE and typically use ‘distance learning’ to describe the program that they are undertaking or involved with.