chapter  22
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Providing Instruction, Orientation and Professional Development for All Staff Involved in Transnational Teaching


In mature markets, any transnational program that does not have high-quality local teaching staff on campus will be very susceptible to competition from those that do… (McBurnie and Ziguras 2007: 59)

In response to the wider need to improve the quality of transnational programs, Australian Education International (AEI)1 funded a number of ‘Offshore Quality Projects’ in 2005. The University of South Australia (UniSA) was successful in winning one of these grants to develop a professional development2 framework for academic staff teaching Australian programs offshore (see Leask, Hicks et al 2005). This chapter will outline the fi ndings of this research associated with this project (referred to as the Offshore Quality Project), briefl y describe the professional development framework which was developed, and then discuss how the framework has been implemented at UniSA. The key challenge of this implementation process has been negotiating the power dynamics of both professional development and also the transnational education environment in South East Asia. This chapter outlines the approach UniSA has taken in addressing this tension to produce a successful teaching and learning relationship with a transnational partner in Malaysia.