chapter  3
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Men and violence


Power and its manifestations in social relationships are key considerations in our understandings of men and masculinity. In this chapter men’s violence towards others in the domestic sphere will be examined. The boundaries surrounding the meaning of violence continually shift and change to reflect cultural and social factors. Sanctioned violent enterprises or violent actions at both the state and the personal level can always be identified however. Reflected here we see huge differences in terms of income, class, formative experiences, gender cultures, and hegemonic aspirations. Although men dominate in the statistics concerning intimate partner violence, it has to be recognized that not all men are violent. This chapter will explore the theoretical perspectives which have been put forward to explain men’s use of gendered violence. It will then examine key features which have emerged from the burgeoning literature dealing with men and masculinities over the past decade, before moving on to look at issues associated with violent men and fathering. This chapter, drawing from the literature will have a western focus, but will use perspectives and findings which have an international relevance.