chapter  15
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Years Later

L ife has changed dramatically for the Shores in the 15 years since the ori-ginal case study was written. The bad news is that Nancy (overweightand debilitated from a back injury for most of her adult life) has developed diabetes and still experiences back pain. The good news is that her diabetes is under control, and she says that she has learned to live with her chronic pain. Nancy has not smoked a cigarette in 9 years and claims to be no more anxious or depressed than the average person. (She takes the antidepressant Zoloft and chews the nicotine gum Nicorette.) A massive benign tumor was surgically removed from Charley’s adrenal gland about 1 year ago, with apparently no ill effects. Charley no longer dreams his dreams. He explains that it doesn’t pay, because every great invention he ever thought of has been invented by someone else.