chapter  8
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Re¯ections on sandplay supervision: as above, so below, as inside, so outside


Glancing at me through wire-rimmed glasses, not really making eye contact, my new intern came into the consultation room. Daniel (as I will call him) had been assigned to me by the Counseling Center, and this was our ®rst meeting. My agenda was to begin to get to know him, to put him at ease, and to review the legal and ethical implications of being an intern. He looked scared; no doubt concerned that I would judge him, ®nding him inexperienced, incompetent, and whatever else his self-doubt could throw at him. This is his ®rst placement. I remember, when I ®rst started seeing clients in my ®rst internship, I felt so scared! I knew I didn't know anything, although I would have never admitted it to my supervisor.