chapter  10
The ®eld of relationships in supervision
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Many factors, conscious and unconscious, verbal and non-verbal, in¯uence the complex dynamics that occur between the therapist and client over the course of therapy. These complicated relational dynamics are also known as the ®eld of relationships. This ®eld is in¯uenced by the relationship between the therapist and client, but also by earlier and current relational ®elds to which both belong outside of therapy, such as familial and cultural relationships. In supervision, all these dynamic ®elds must be kept in mind, as well as the ®eld established in the supervision itself. To add to this complexity, underneath all these relationships is a large, multifaceted base of interconnected relationships within a sea that holds aspects of the personal, cultural and collective psyches of the therapist, client and supervisor, and all of the interacting ®elds of meaning.