chapter  11
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Supervision in an international, multilingual, and multicultural therapy world


As a Jungian analyst and sandplay therapist, I have been doing analysis, teaching, and supervision for many years and in many countries throughout the world. At our C.G. Jung Institute in ZuÈrich, Switzerland, and also when traveling abroad, I am confronted with very unique multilingual and multicultural issues. Routinely, for example, I work with candidates who do not speak my mother tongue and are familiar with only their own culture. These differences create very speci®c challenges and are the topic of this chapter. For example, I might supervise an Italian trainee who is working with an Italian client, or an Australian trainee working with an Australian client. Then, in individual supervision, I speak Italian or English, languages that I know well enough. However, I still have to keep in mind that my supervisee and his or her client's culture are different from my own Swiss cultural background. And these are the easier cases!