chapter  15
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Group training in a crisis: an urgent response to 9/11


Large rectangular tables covered with perhaps a thousand miniatures stood at the front of the training room in New York City (NYC). As 50 ``Ground Zero'' school counselors and social workers entered the room for the monthly scheduled guidance meeting, there was a sense of curiosity, wonder, and skepticism. The counselors had grown accustomed to presenters sharing their various methods of response to the trauma of 9/11. And, certainly, they had been exposed to play therapy, but so many toys and sandboxes ± just what was this ``sandplay therapy?'' And how could it, with all this ``stuff,'' possibly work in a school setting? Intrigued, the counselors were receptive and willing to explore another possible response that might be useful for ``their children, their students''; those who were struggling with the after-affects of 9/11.