chapter  2
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What the Women Considered Important for Therapists to Remember: Using Their Words and Ours

Th e importance of “loving oneself fi rst in order to take care of children.” Th e “tendency to think of everything negative and miss the positive.” Th e need for “help with making decisions, not someone else making them for you.” Going to the shelter (Wellsprings) was viewed as “a sign of strength.” Women did not think of their previous drug abuse counselors as counselors but rather as their “leader to sobriety”; the counselor role was more expanded than the label suggests. Th e “hindrance when AA focuses on the past rather than moving forward.” “Recovery implies that you are going to get something back that you once had. What about women who never had much to begin with? Do they need something diff erent?” Th e importance of the “spiritual” component in one’s life. Th e importance of client and professional being mindful that there are multiple ways to identify a person. “Labels and words such as drug user or homeless are limiting.” Th e importance of acknowledging and expanding multiple self identifi es; although identifi ed as drug user in recovery, “Keep in mind we are also others, such as friend, good listener, respectful, resourceful, student, hard worker, et cetera.”