chapter  21
Curious George: Interview with a Supervisor
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We have supervised, taught, and trained students for many years. So, naturally we have been interested in what eff ective supervisors do in supervision. We wanted to study a supervisor who had a reputation as a good and eff ective supervisor and someone who made a diff erence in the lives of his/ her trainees. George Pulliam’s name came to mind immediately because of our professional relationship with him for 20 years, his reputation as a

quality supervisor, and because of the many therapists who trained with George who have told us stories about his work. Everything we observed pointed to George as an exceptional supervisor. We asked George if he would be willing to be the focus of our case study of one supervisor who is considered to be a “master” supervisor. He immediately objected to the term “master” so we ceased to use the term to describe him in this study. He felt complimented that we would want to interview and study him.