chapter  27
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The Limits of Research: Women's Studies in Ukraine

BySvetlana V. Kupryashkina

The word studies, when translated into Ukrainian, is a homonym for the word studio, meaning an artist's work space. When a group of enthusiastic Kiev scholars were going through the registration process to obtain legal status for the first Ukrainian Center for Women's Studies, the most commonly asked question was: "Where will this place be where women can come and draw pictures?" This reflects both the novelty of the field and the inapplicability of the term "women's studies" within current discourse, as well as the confusion people experience when they encounter it. As a result, the picture that can be drawn of the emergence of women's studies as a discipline, a research field, or even a simple notion is still somewhat erudite. Many details of this picture are still missing. For example: Who embodies feminist ideas? What could be considered an academic base for their development? Whose needs and interests might such an approach articulate? How are the existing curricula to be influenced? And, finally, is this novel approach in any way generated by or connected to any of the existing women's movements?