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Most feminist theologies of embodiment addressing the Genesis story focus on the woman's actions in relation to eating from the tree of knowledge. I contend that in order to understand the full import of the role of Eve as icon for sinful woman it is necessary to begin not with her supposed temptation of man but with her creation. In Genesis 2:21ff., God put man into a deep sleep and removed one ofhis ribs for use in the creation of woman. In effect, in order to create woman, God disabled man (a perfect creation). Woman was created in brokenness and disunity. The creation ofwoman is our first scriptural image of disability. If it can be argued from this interpretation of Genesis 2, that woman's essential nature is "disabling," then perhaps here is where the scriptural tradition of disability as evidence of sin really began. In any case, I believe this iconic image of womanhood as essentially disabled has affected many women's awareness of their embodiment.