chapter  10
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Secondary Analysis of Data

ByDeborah Faye Carter, Indiana University

Primary research involves data collection and analysis, whereas secondary data analysis is the use of data that have already been collected for another purpose (Fortune & McBee, 1984; Kiecolt & Nathan, 1985). Most of the chapters in this volume refer to specific research techniques. However, secondary analysis does not refer to a specific statistical technique; it simply refers to the kind of data used (Kiecolt & Nathan, 1985). Secondary analysis can be useful for researchers, practitioners, and/or doctoral candidates writing dissertations who are interested in studying higher education settings. Collecting primary data on college students can be an expensive and time-consuming activity. Given the myriad ways in which many institutions collect data on students, it may be possible to use data collected for another purpose, to analyze for a particular unit’s goals and aims (this is discussed extensively in chapter 12).