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Ti: Body or Embodiment by Chung-ying CHENG

Chung-ying C

Ti is one of the earliest, most basic, and most essential concepts in Chinese philosophy. It derives its meaning from an intimate understanding of reality, self, and practice. On its most elementary level ti is the concrete, corporeal human body in terms of which human life is maintained and developed. But ti is not simply a matter of organization of physical components. It is a structure and system of organic functions and vital spirit in the vehicle of the physical body. By virtue of the form of the physical body, ti realizes its living spirit and vitality; and in virtue of the living spirit and vitality the physical body maintains its organic unity and organization. Thus the Yijing (Book of Changes) says that in following the principle of soft kun, “The superior man should understand order-and-principle within the softness of earth and reside in a correct position in his body (ti).”