chapter  13
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Spanish Adaptation of the Job Stress Surey: All Dressed Up and Ready to Go to Work

ByMaria Jesus González, José M. Prieto

This chapter reports the work carried out in adapting the Job Stress Survey (JSS) for the Spanish population. The general aim was to construct a reliable and valid Spanish version of the JSS (JSS-SV), which was achieved by pursuing the attainment of three specific objectives: (a) to develop a comprehensible, flexible, and applicable measure of occupational stress; (b) to calculate the reliability of the JSS-SV by determining the internal consistency of this measure; and (c) to evaluate the construct and concurrent validity of the JSS-SV. The first aim required the collaboration of a group of experts. The second involved the calculation of alpha (α) coefficients to assess internal consistency. The third required a factor analysis of the JSS-SV items to determine its construct equivalence validity with the American JSS. Correlations with

other measures were also computed to estimate the concurrent validity of the Spanish JSS as compared with the English form developed in the U.S. with the American form.