chapter  1
28 Pages

Stress in a Life-Threatening Illness

ByPittu Laungani

This chapter is unconventional and also quite unusual because the style and format are quite different from the other chapters comprising this volume. In keeping with scientific writing, these chapters follow the convention of being written in the third person singular. The only exception to this convention is to be found when a particular chapter, written jointly by co-authors, uses the collective pronoun “we.” Most of the chapters in this volume describe extensive empirical studies designed to test a variety of hypotheses related to stress, health, culture, and personality. The studies reported in this volume also involve the use of carefully constructed and validated psychometric instruments based on large samples, giving careful attention to the gathering and the analyses of data. Powerful statistical tests, including multivariate analyses and factor analytic techniques, have been employed to analyze and interpret the findings, which are explained in accordance with the relevant theoretical models postulated by the researchers. The scientific rigor and objectivity of

the research enterprise provides an elegant uniformity, which binds the chapters in this volume.