chapter  12
Abortion, Boxing, and Zionism: Politics and the APA
Pages 18

This chapter examines a number of resolutions issued by the American Psychological Association (APA), often through its Public Interest Directorate, that define the organization’s stance on a wide range of political issues. A sampling of these resolutions appears throughout the text. The APA resolutions reflect positions on topics such as limiting access to abortions, AIDS education, the legality of boxing, corporal punishment, prevention of motor vehicle trauma, television violence and children, academic freedom, the Vietnam War, apartheid, condemning dissenters to mental hospitals, nuclear freeze, a federally funded peace academy, actions of UNESCO against the state of Israel, handgun control, usage of “Dr.,” the Equal Rights Amendment, and a resolution expressing the APA’s (1988, p. 43) “relief at the release of the American hostages from Iran.”