chapter  1
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Globalising party politics in emerging democracies


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The aims of this book are threefold. The first is to draw greater attention to the idea that globalisation matters to the way party politics develops in new and emerging democracies. The second, and more emphatic, is to critically review international political party aid as both a vehicle and manifestation of the globalisation of party-based democracy, which itself is an aspect of globalisation understood in its broadest and most political sense – meaning the global convergence of a distinctive set of (Westernderived) political values and institutions. The third aim is to make the case that if international party aid is to become a more effective instrument for promoting democratisation in new and prospective democracies, then it should take account of the ways globalisation touches on democratisation and the development of party politics specifically. If the book helps to confirm that both the connections between political parties and globalisation and their consequences for democratisation, and the performance of international party aid, merit further and more detailed investigation, then it will have achieved a worthwhile objective.