chapter  10
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Frances has no place to hide

A history of abuse and an eating disorder lead to difficulties with coaching as Frances tries to hide these problems from the coach, and her work colleagues.

Frances has recently been promoted to a new role that involves working far more closely with colleagues. She used to work in a small team that was task focused and insular. The new environment means collaborating in large teams and meeting with clients. The new office culture is friendly, gregarious and fast paced. Desks are shared on an as-needed basis in a large open-plan office. Work often continues in the canteen and coffee shop. After a couple of months the line manager suggests some coaching for Frances as she is struggling. Coaching is seen as a positive in the organisation and is routinely offered during times of change and as support to help employees achieve their best. The company agrees to pay for three months’ coaching and gives Frances a list of authorised coaches to contact.