chapter  3
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Gene Expression Profiling in Plants Using cDNA Microarrays

ByMotoaki Seki, Junko Ishida, Maiko Nakajima, Akiko Enju, Ayako Kamei, Youko Oono, Mari Narusaka, Masakazu Satou, Tetsuya Sakurai, Kazuo Shinozaki

Differential display uses low stringency PCR, a combinatorial primer set, and gel electrophoresis to amplify and visualize larger populations of cDNAs representing mRNA populations of interest. Differential display is a relatively cheap and simple means of screening for differentially expressed genes, and is particularly useful when the availability of RNA is limited. However, this technique requires a large number of reactions to achieve maximal coverage of all active transcripts and suffers from an output that is not quantitative and identified sequences are often difficult to clone and confirm (8).