chapter  9
21 Pages

Families and adolescents

ByMarisol Lila, Marcel van Aken, Gonzalo Musitu, Sofia Buelga

The general aim of this chapter is to contribute to a better understanding of the role of families on adolescence. More specifically, we want to focus on the specifics of families in Europe, and the diversity of these. Second, we will focus on the family relationships as a context of adolescent functioning. After this, we will focus on a systemic view on adolescents’ families, and the transitions that occur within these families during this period of the lifespan. Throughout the chapter, we will describe the level of the individual (i.e., adolescent development, but also parental beliefs, styles, and practices), the level of dyadic relationships (parent-child relationship and sibling relationships), and the level of the family as a system. At the end of this chapter, we will draw some conclusions and focus again on a European perspective.