chapter  14
Classroom-centered Research at Chulalongkorn University Language Institute
WithAnchalee Chayanuvat and Duangta Lukkunaprasit (Thailand)
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After the two case studies had been completed, we presented them to the workshop group with Professor Wolcott as the chairperson. He provided many useful comments. Later we presented it again to a group of teachers at CULl in a session we had organized to introduce an ethnographic approach in TEFL, and in order that other teachers could have a chance to meet and talk to Professor Wolcott in person. Most of our staff seemed to be convinced that doing research using qualitative methods could probably be another way of doing research, since most language teachers like to observe and reflect. They could probably do this more effectively than using quantitative methods. However, Prof. Wolcott emphasized that we should not rely on data from only one source, and we should countercheck the reliability of the data from various sources or another mode of data collection.