chapter  51
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The following reactive resins are applied in the building industry and are also used as coatings and repair mortar for steel and concrete as well as for prefabricated parts. These can be anything from elastic to hard, and are clearly defined under DIN 1694: Epoxy resins (EP), Methacrylic resins (MMA), Polyester resins (unsaturated) (UP), and Polyurethane resins (PUR). If one needs a material with resistance against UV-exposure, acids, alkalis, and with thermal stability of over 100°C, there is only one PC, based on methylmethacrylic resins, available. This material has been applied in practice since 1968. These weather exposed parts, eg. facades, kerbstones, railway platform edges, feeding troughs, balcony parapets, electrically heated angular stairs and balustrade coverings do not show any signs of efflorescence and therefore proved the durability. In contrast to cement, concrete PC based on MMA has a constant reverse bending strength.