chapter  13
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Resources for Religious Education

ByJoanne Reed

I once heard a colleague comment that the best resource teachers have is themselves. Your knowledge, your experience of life, your ability to be enthusiastic about any, if not all, subjects on the RE syllabus-these are the attributes that will get you through the lessons when more concrete resources are simply not available. Sometimes the resources are there but it’s Period Six on a Friday afternoon and you know there’s no way that your disaffected bottom set Year 11 class will use a worksheet except as basketball practice or for making paper aeroplanes. In such circumstances you instinctively turn towards yourself, to initiate class discussion, to talk about the subject or to ask them the right questions. And, in the right circumstances, it can work beautifully. Many teachers will report that some of their best lessons were on the hoof, relying on little more than a wing and a prayer.