chapter  14
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Danger and opportunity in the Asia-Pacific

ByJeffrey Henderson

But, at one and the same time, this is a period of opportunity. Already, in little more than a generation, hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of abject poverty, and many of these are now well on their way to enjoying the sort of prosperity that has been known in North America and Western Europe for some time (Chapter 1). Similar processes to those that have underlain such achievements continue to transform the lives of hundreds of millions more in the region. While some groups have been obliged to bear the negative consequences of development far more than others (see Chapters 5 and II), it seems clear that the development project

1 I am grateful to Suet Ying Ho for alerting me to this conception of crisis in the Chinese language. In addition I wish to thank Ray Bush and his colleagues in the Department of Polities, University of Leeds, for inviting me to join them in spring 1997. It was during my period there that this chapter was written.