chapter  9
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We who have done some study of Yoga at University level will avoid the vulgar error of regarding Yoga as a sort of glorified physical exercise. We have learned Sanskrit, we can follow scholastic arguments, we know about Pataňjali Yoga, Buddhist Yoga, Jain Yoga and can learnedly explain the meaning of ‘knowledge’, ‘karma’, ‘concentration’ and so on. However, it is still difficult to take Yoga seriously as a guide to life. After all, it rests on the unprovable theory of reincarnation and its final aim, which appears to be the annihilation of the individual personality, is repugnant to our instincts. So we have every encouragement to treat Yoga as a purely intellectual construction-but in that case the rest of our nature will be frustrated. We can of course get emotional and moral uplift by going to those gurus and divine incarnations who offer instant enlightenment-but then we shall sacrifice our intelligence. So what do we do?