chapter  9
Taiwanese shipbuilding capabilities CHO-CHUNGLIANG
ByCho-Chung Liang
Pages 19

The primary mission of the ROC Navy (ROCN) is to protect Taiwan’s national interests as well as to assure the safety of sea-borne transportation routes within its territorial seas. The Navy carries out reconnaissance, patrol, and escort exercises regularly across the Taiwan Straits. When a war breaks out, the ROCN will defend the island against its enemies from the sea and prevent any sea-based blockade. In order to accomplish these goals, it has continuously upgraded its defense systems by implementing a series of “Kwong-hua” shipbuilding programs. These “Kwong-hua” programs comprise the fabrication of warships of various categories, which inherently involve numerous projects ranging from manufacturing to maintenance of the “Kwong-Hua” I, II, III, V, and VIII warships. In the future, 1,200-1,600 hp harbor tugs, 2,000-ton fast attack missile boats (FABGs), 800-ton minelayers, 1,500-ton frigates (FF), and police patrol craft will be built.