chapter  8
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The lower Great Ouse valley, Cambridgeshire, England

The chapter that follows is an expanded version of a paper that was prepared for the 2000 Leeds Alluvial Archaeology in Northwestern Europe conference (French and Heathcote in press), much of which is repeated here with the kind permission of the volume editors. Combined archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations by the Cambridge Archaeolological Unit in advance of large-scale, commercial sand and gravel extraction and by the English Heritage sponsored Fenland Project has enabled a number of prehistoric sites to be analysed between St Ives and Haddenham in the lower Great Ouse valley and adjacent fen-edge of Cambridgeshire (Figures 6.1 and 8.1). In particular, the recent work has centred on the lower Great Ouse valley between the villages of Over and Willingham to the south and Bluntisham and Earith to the north, at St Ives (Pollard 1996) and the Haddenham complex of sites, building on the work of many archaeologists (e.g. Evans and Hodder 1984, 1985, in press a and b; French and Wait 1988; French and Pryor 1992; Hall and Coles 1994: 51-5; Waller 1994; Hall 1996).