chapter  14
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The Troina river valley, north-central Sicily

The Troina Project is investigating the nature of human demography during prehistory in the highly eroded upland landscape around Troina in the Nebrodi mountain range of north-central Sicily (Figure 14.1). Although there are several models proposed regarding the nature of Neolithic-Copper-Bronze Age settlement and land-use history in the central uplands of Sicily (Cultraro 1997; Leighton 1999; Tusa 1999), very little concrete data exists in contrast to other regions and more lowland areas of the island. The collaborators in this study are Gianna Ayala of the University of Cambridge, Professor Diego Puglisi of Catania University and Dr Richard Bailey of the Oxford University Archaeological Research Laboratory, under the overall project direction of Drs Caroline Malone and Simon Stoddart (Malone et al. in press).