chapter  12
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“Angry yellow men”: cultural space for diasporic Chinese masculinities


Tongue-in-cheek, Sau-Ling Wong declared 1991 the Year of the Asian American Man because of the number of successful literary publications by Asian American men and the appearance of “an especially intriguing cultural artifact” (Wong 1993, 1), the Asia Pacific Islander Men’s calendar that showcased the desirability and virility of Asian men. Her subsequent critique of the calendar and its priorities is a welcome artefact in its own right as Asian male identity and sexuality have been arguably the most under-represented areas in diasporic Chinese and Japanese studies. This is particularly true of representational studies and critiques of cultural production. Diasporic masculinity studies is an area with a growing profile, as demonstrated by both this publication in general and the following chapter in particular. In keeping with the overall focus of this book, this chapter will concentrate mostly on diasporic Chinese and Japanese contexts.1