chapter  8
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The sUra as a unity: a twentieth century development in Qur'an exegesis Muslansir Mir

Twentieth-century Our'an commentary makes a definite break with the traditional style of exegesis, which, in general terms, may be said to have lasted from the early Islamic centuries to the end of the nineteenth century. I One manifestation of this break is the view that the quranic suras are unities. I shall argue that this view is now fairly well-established in modern Our'an commentary. I shall do so by looking at the works of a number of modern exegetes. The study is divided into four sections. The first section provides a brief historical background. The second section gives a descriptive account of the relevant aspects of the works of six modern Our'an commentators. The third section offers an analysis of that account. A few general remarks make up the fourth, concluding section.