chapter  1
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Life Makes Text from My Body: A Reading of Hélène Cixous’ La Venue à l’Écriture

Why did Hélène Cixous’ text La Venue à l’écriture1 from 1976 have such echoes, first in France and later in English-speaking countries? Can the cause be the creative potential and the power Cixous sees in women? “Let yourself go! Let go of everything! Lose everything!… Take to letters”(40) she writes and asks her readers to give themselves up to writing and to the flooding text to come. I read her texts, and this text in particular, as admonitions to me as a woman to use my own experience, listen to my own body and rethink old truths, and her faith in me has been of great encouragement to me as a reader and a writer of literary texts.