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easy to just hand it over to that person. Consequently we see a mind-body split which has major implications for self-concept and sexuality. (Bogle et al., 1981:92)

Sexuality refers to the whole span of personality related to sexual behaviour. To challenge male supremacy and object to the sexual objectification of women by men, the women’s movement has demanded the right for women to define their own sexuality and an end to all discrimination against lesbians. Disabled women are entitled to the same rights as other women, however we may be a long way behind in trying to reach the same goals. One woman explains the dilemma she faces by saying:

Until recently, disabled people have been seen as asexual. The non-disabled world has found it difficult to grapple with the idea that these ‘damaged’ bodies could have sexual feelings, the mere thought that they may engage in sexual behaviour is considered ‘unwholesome, repulsive and comical’ (Greengross, 1976:2).