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Sally Munt

Teaching courses in lesbian culture over the past five years, I’ve become frustratedly aware of how proliferating but disparate and difficult to pin down most of the critical material is. Tracking down the elusive pieces of literary criticism is tantamount to lesbian detecting: articles appear and disappear, and information on their whereabouts depends on having friends in the know. There are signs, however, that the field is cohering into a discrete discipline; 1990 produced two anthologies, the imported Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revisions, edited by Karla Jay and Joanne Glasgow, and homegrown British Lesbian andGay Writing, edited by Mark Lilly. Two recent bibliographic references, Out On the Shelves, produced by British librarians in the wake of Section 28, and New Zealander Miriam Saphira’s New Lesbian Literature 1980-88, suggest there is also a fictional canon to collect.