chapter  Case 8
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Tait Communications

ByDavid Gardiner

The website describes the business as ‘a global leader in designing, delivering, and managing innovative communication solutions that help utilities and public safety organisations to keep the lights on and communities safe’. Sir Angus Tait’s mobile radio equipment and software solutions suit any aspect of public safety, law enforcement and police, fire and emergency response, emergency medical services, utilities, transport, mining, oil and gas, and anywhere that requires highly reliable, private and secure communications. The strategic product drivers are continued innovation with technology to develop and deliver high-quality products and services to satisfy customers’ demands and fulfil their expectations. Tait employs designers and engineers who speak their customers’ languages. Advances in digital communication technology and the employment of differing rules governing these communication methods requires Tait to invest in research and development continually. Tait must be diligent in how it addresses intellectual property rights that may accompany these technologies and ensure it is able to meet licence conditions.