chapter  Case 9
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Nat-pak and Tastie-food

WithAnson K. T. Li

Nat-pak and Tastie-food are international food-packaging companies that produce and package food products including jams, sauces, and bottled drinks. Both companies aim to maximise customer value and satisfaction through effective and efficient management of supply chain relationships. Nat-pak’s key to success is the careful management of relationships along the supply chain, where customer value and the stability of its supply chain go hand-in-hand. Supplier collaboration initiatives at Nat-pak typically begins at 6 to 12 months prior to the launch of new products, focusing on identifying and solving potential problems to the mutual benefit of both parties. Tastie-food excels by following its fundamental strategy, leveraging its scale to create operational efficiencies that drive significant competitive advantage, through best execution and supply chain investments. The company has always focused its operating philosophy on customer satisfaction. The key to Tastie-food’s supply chain collaboration is information visibility.